Are you ready to achieve lasting health and happiness?

The time has come for Bikram Yoga!

Grab your mat and get ready to change your life. Bikram Yoga will make you sweat, laugh and do more for your health, body and overall well-being than you ever imagined possible!

Located in the heart of Caringbah at Level 2, 20-26 President Avenue
(above St Vincent de Paul's)

Please phone : 0431792478

The uniqueness of Bikram’s Yoga:

  • The room is heated to body temperature (around 38’ C)
  • The repetition of Bikram’s series allows beginners to develop concentration and body mind awareness.
  • Each posture is completed twice. First set warming you up, second set enables you to work deeper.
  • Between each set and each pose, twenty seconds of rest (savasana) is taken, which allows complete relaxation while the oxygenated blood equalises and moves to all parts of the body.
  • Mirrors are used to observe the body objectively, improving body awareness and refining body alignment. The constant eye contact with yourself reinforces the process as an open eye meditation.
  • All classes are 90 minutes long and suitable for beginners and advanced students alike.
  • The teacher provides constant dialogue with precise instructions. This teaches each student to listen, keeps the class moving together and quiets the mind to maintain stillness.