Direct Debit T&Cs

Direct Debit Terms and Conditions- Long version

In conjunction to Ezypay/Ezidebit and MindBodyOnline terms and conditions, this support document for Bikram Yoga Sutherland Shire has recurring terms. They are hereby itemised as;
Member: registered person intended for direct debit application and payments for services
SSBYCOI: Sutherland Shire Bikram Yoga College of India
ACH: Account Clearing House, currently Ezypay

Between: Member and SSBYCOI for Monthly Direct Debit Membership; SSBYCOI offers Monthly Direct Debit members the opportunity to come to as many classes as they wish, seven days a week for a weekly contract period (a minimum 3 month contract on regular, 6months on specials). Members must pay the applicable fee/s on the commencement of their membership, membership is non-transferable and non-negotiable.

Contract Duration and Renewal: A contract is defined by its dates as per ACH contract papers held at SSBYCOI, with automatic renewal for subsequent terms at the rate of the initial contract. Direct Debit members will be subject to any revised fees of the ACH after expiry of contract period.
At the end of the contract period, fees are reviewed and payments will continue on a weekly basis, unless a cancellation request is emailed to 15 days before the end of the initial contract period.

Suspensions: There are no suspensions available for the Direct Debit pass until after your minimum contract has been fulfilled. Thereafter one free suspension per yearly cycle, further suspensions incur a $10 fee per 2 weeks. Minimum suspension is 2 weeks.
If you wish to cancel your membership and renew it when you return, we can not guarantee your original rate, you will be given the most current rate.
If a medical condition arises within your 3 month contract, upon application via email and with a valid medical certificate, you may be entitled a Medical Suspension.
There are no back dated suspensions allowed. Please allow 72 hours before the start date of you suspension request. Direct Debit memberships are non-transferable. Any special offers are per contract and non-renewing.

Fees: Direct Debits have a credit card processing fee per withdrawal. Weekly plans are $3  per transaction; Monthly plans are 3%. Bank Account incurs no cost.

Cancellations: are valid for Direct Debit Memberships only and is offered only upon application by email to
Cancellation of Direct Debit contract before the end of the contract term will incur a cancellation fee based on 20% of the outstanding balance.
Example: on the 12mth contract, 8 payments have been made with 4 still remaining. This would incur a cancellation fee of 4 x $130 x 20% = $104

Payments: The ACH collects fees from Member via an automated debiting system from Member’s allocated credit card or bank account. Payment in increments by any means other than Member’s credit card/bank account is not permitted. Member’s account and service may be deactivated or suspended by the ACH and/or SSBYCOI if the account becomes more than 5 calendar days unpaid. Any debt recovery of non-payments of any reasons are acknowledged and agreed to be actions taken by the ACH with no liability in any manner given to SSBYCOI in the methods of retrieval and fees incurred.

By signing the ACH papers you acknowledge that you are the holder and authorised signer of the credit card/bank account listed on given forms.