Yoga Classes


All classes start promptly on time.

Doors open 15minutes before class starts.

After the class, studio closes after half an hour.

Bikram Classes:

Bikram 90: 90 minutes of all 26 postures done twice + 2 breathing exercise

Bikram Hour: 60 minutes of all 26 postures + 2 breathing exercises

Bikram Hour Flow: 60 minutes of all 26 postures + 2 breathing exercises done in a flow style of combining groups of poses together

B+: 60 minutes of Bikram Postures Plus 30minutes of hip & shoulder openers

Yin: 75minutes slow-paced style of postures held for longer periods of time suitable for beginners

Inferno HIIT Pilates: 60minutes High Intensity Interval Training using Pilates principles. Low impact workout in heated room.



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Schedule Change:


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