Jenene — Instructor

Photo of Jenene

Why do you like your yoga hot?

I like that each class has the same postures that take time to master. Every class is the same postures and sequence and it’s the body/mind that changes for the better. After all these years of practice I still have things that are changing and need working on.

What are your personal tips for students of Bikram Yoga Sutherland Shire?

Any lifestyle changes you make, that may begin or include Bikram Yoga, will take at least a month to show. Use your passes wisely and effectively and you’ll get all you need. Every body is different; every day is different; every attitude is different. Take each class as it is, leave your baggage at the door and have no expectations of what is going to happen on the side.

What is the best/worst thing about being a Bikram teacher?

Best: Seeing the colourful clothing people wear.  Black might hide the sweat but we know your sweating anyway so make it bright and colourful! Seeing Nathan’s studio open after the old studio (a different owner) closed down many years before. We had to travel all the way into the city or Bondi to get our fix! The Shire Bikram community is still growing and I love that…
Worst: The laundry. If you want to practice lots, then get good quality yoga clothing and have a set everyday in case you want to practice every day! Also seeing a little bit more of people in class than I really need to see. Keep the clothing fitted people!

Say something nice to the person who introduced you to Bikram Yoga.

I can’t thank you enough for bringing yoga into my world. It’s a lifelong journey that I love still to this day.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I remember wanting to be a school teacher but the subjects I was choosing in high school were not going to get me the marks I wanted, but it was too late to find that out.

Do you remember what your first Bikram class was like?

It was so hot and sweaty and loved it! I loved the challenge of getting through the class; it really helped me to get through some stressful times…