Photo of Kristina

I have been teaching Bikram Yoga for several years and Wow, the time has just flown! I did my first Bikram class at Old Street in London in 2004. I was on my way home to Australia after 10 years of working in the nightclubs of Edinburgh, Scotland. That first class had a huge impact on me. I realized how out of balance my body, emotions, health – my whole life – had become.

Over the next 6 years as I struggled to reinvent my life in Australia, I practiced yoga on and off. I learned how to breathe through the struggle, I learned how to de-stress, I learned to start liking the person I saw in the mirror.

In 2009 I committed to a full time practice by buying an annual pass. I had never practiced in summer because I thought it would be too hot. Not being one to waste money, I did practice in summer and lo and behold I soon realized that my *mind* had been holding me back all these years. When I made this connection my outlook shifted and I started letting go of all sorts of fears that had been holding me back in life.

Nine months into my annual pass I decided to go to teacher training in Spring 2010. The journey has been life changing. I had convinced myself for years that I did not have ‘what it takes’ to become a yoga teacher. I compared myself to others and judged myself very harshly against them.

The process of becoming a teacher gave me huge insight into my self and my relationship with others. This has been an incredible gift and I am so grateful to the fellow teachers and students who have given me the encouragement and the support to come this far. Practicing yoga is the perfect tool for self-realisation and I am honored to be able to facilitate this process for others