Lauren — Yoga Instructor

Photo of Lauren

Why do you like your yoga hot?

India is hot and sweaty, I love India. I like that 90mins in the heat is merely a challenge to work with so that everything else seems easy. Also, because it is challenging (no matter how long you have been practicing) and it trains you to be calm, whether its remaining calm during the practice or during any stressful moment outside the yoga room.

What are your personal tips for students of Bikram Yoga Sutherland Shire?

  1. Be open-minded.
  2. Practice in the front row!
  3. Every time you practice Bikram Yoga, pretend as if it’s your first Bikram class ever! It will keep your practice fresh.
  4. Never give up!

What is the best/worst thing about being a Bikram teacher?

Best: Watching individuals transform right in front of your eyes. You notice some people coming to their first class perhaps a bit down on themselves, stressed or depressed, and then just within a few weeks of consistent practice, the transformation is such that you hardly recognise them! They are just shining, coming out of their shell, confident and holding themselves so differently and simply smiling for no reason! That is the best thing about being a yoga teacher.
Worst: The few times I’ve had to wear the microphone headset and I was likened to Britney Spears- awkward!

Do you have a memorable moment with Bikram?

I loved my teacher training. We were part of the original training that had less than 100 people. Everybody was close and we all went through training helping each other. Bikram and the teachers used laugh at my Aussie accent amongst all the Americans.

What were you doing the day you decided to become a Bikram Teacher?

I was a supervisor at McDonald’s and was in university starting a Law Degree when I started at Bikram Yoga. Not long into that first year I decided from my perspective that yoga was far more helpful to people.