Megan — Teacher: Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga

Photo of Megan

Why do you like your yoga hot?

Living in London for so long I wanted something to keep me warm, tropical even. Lucky for me, my local London studio also had coconut water too!

What are your personal tips for students of Bikram Yoga Sutherland Shire?

Having a consistent practice and having patience will bring what is needed. We all have patience postures in the class. I remember Bikram saying “Having isn’t everything if you don’t know how to use it.”

What is the best/worst thing about being a Bikram teacher?

Best: Seeing people sweat. What a great way to detox your body and find healthier glowing skin. Who needs all those creams and potions when you have yourself and Bikram Yoga.
Worst: The laundry! So much sweat has to go somewhere… I now wash a civilian load and a separate Bikram load, otherwise everything gets smelly…

Word/Phrases you overuse?

Beautiful. Lovely. Down down down down down down down.

Do you have a memorable moment with Bikram?

Bikram called me out in front of 400 people in a lecture early on in training. I thought I was in trouble; all he wanted to do was thank me personally for giving him a gift of a toy English red Double Decker bus. He said that next time he wanted a real one!