Photo of Richard

What are your personal tips for students of Bikram Yoga Sutherland Shire?

I would still say work with your form and let depth come in its own time. Everybody is in a different place, so don’t worry if you don’t look exactly like the people around you.

What is your favourite pose?

Toe stand. I like that you start with one pose (tree pose) and can end up in another pose altogether! I always smile when I get down there.

Do you remember what your first Bikram class was like?

It was very hard work. But hard work pays off. I managed 8 classes in my first 10 days and, for me, it was the best way in. I started to feel the yoga working almost immediately. I learn that it's all about the regular practice.

The rewards will come when you start moving yourself. Start with the physical and then go deeper.

Why do Yoga?

I have been practising all kinds of Yoga for the past 13 years and have found the benefits to be incredible. The meditation aspect really helped me as I am an actor and found it allowed me to be daring and take steps as an actor I had previously not dared to.

It has allowed me to remain calm in (usually) stressful situations and given me space to assess each situation on an individual basis and helped me to be much less habitual in my responses. 


Honour and protect the spine!