Inferno Hot Pilates Pop Up Class

60 minutes of BURN | LOVE | TRANSFORM

Hot, Happy and Hi-Energy

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Inferno Hot Pilates at Bikram In The Shire 7.45pm Wednesdays.

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This is what you will get in this hi- energy workout –

Heat is the magic ingredient

Inferno Hot Pilates is the brain child of Gabrielle Walters who designed the series to help heal her severe knee injury. As it is very low impact on the body, the heat brings the magic element to this fun and hi-intensity work out.

Great for ALL levels of fitness

It’s a very challenging full body, low impact, high intensity workout using Pilates principles. Helps to tone and strengthen muscles without getting a pounding. You will ‘feel’ the results almost immediately.

Lots of fun with great teachers

Our teachers are fab, the music is motivating and everyone is there to support and encourage each other. Now its getting cooler out there, it’s awesome to be able to get a great sweat and have a good laugh too.

Studio Location

Top Floor 

20-26 President Avenue

Caringbah 2229

We are above Vinnies in the heart of the Shire, plenty of parking in Coles, Woolies and surrounds

Are you ready to Burn the past, Transform your life and Love your future?