Kids Yoga

ATTENDING YOUR FIRST CLASS: We have two classes to try this school holidays Monday 5th October & Saturday 12th October at 10-11am. Arrive 15 mins early to orientate your precious ones. 

PAYMENT: Create an account and book and pay via the Timetable page or download our app Bikram In The Shire to manage booking there.

HOW OLD DOES MY CHILD NEED TO BE?  Kids Yoga is created for primary school aged children between 5-12 years old. 

WHO IS TEACHING? Our teacher is Emma, who is a qualified yoga and primary school aged teacher who holds a current Working With Children check. 

HOW LONG IS CLASS? Kids Yoga is an hour class. It consists of breathing techniques, yoga sequence and a mindful activity. 

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING?  All your child needs is a drink bottle, a mat will be provided. 

WHAT IS THE COST?  School holiday classes are $15 per class. 

CAN I CLAIM MY ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHER?  Not for school holiday classes but yes when you book for an 8 week term program. 

WHERE CAN I PARK?  There is street parking near Centrelink, there is also a large car park near Coles supermarket and behind Aussie Home Loans on the Kingsway. 

ARE THERE ADULT CLASSES AVAILABLE?  Yes! Whilst the kids are at Kids Yoga you are most welcome to join an hour class in our Studio A, please book through the timetable page or through the app Bikram In The Shire.

October School Holidays Taste Test

Come and see if we are the right fit for you and your kids 10am Monday 5th & Saturday 12th October – book in for yourself as well!

Any questions do not hesitate to call on 0431 792 478.