ATTENDING YOUR FIRST CLASS: Simply choose the class time that you want to attend and plan to arrive 15 minutes early. We will have you fill out a registration form and get you set-up to take your first class! Please be sure to let the teacher know about any injuries or special physical circumstances.

REGISTRATION FORM: Click here to download PDF registration form, fill it out, print it & bring it with you to class. New students under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign their registration form.

PAYMENT: EFTPOS facilities are available. (We do not accept Amex)

WHAT TO WEAR: Wear something you will be comfortable stretching and sweating in. Be sure to bring a change of clothes.

MATS & TOWELS: We offer yoga mats to hire at $2.00. Towel hire is $2.00. If you bring your own towel please ensure it is a ‘shower’ or beach towel size. No hand towels required.

WATER: Hydrate well. We sell bottles of water at the studio as well as Coconut water and sports drinks!

PREPARATION BEFORE CLASS: Please ensure you have eaten a light meal 2 hours before class time. Bananas are always are great option.

RECOVERY AFTER CLASS: The first 15 – 30 minutes after class is the most crucial time to recover. According to a leading sports dietitian your body requires approx 50g of carbohydrates during this time. Bananas, a handful of nuts or a sports drink are all great options!

ARRIVE ON TIME: Classes start promptly so be sure to arrive on time for class. Students will not be allowed into class after the teacher’s introductions are complete.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Please leave all your belongings in changerooms- this includes keys, phones and footwear. We have provided locker hire for $2 or feel free to bring your own padlock (remember to take it with you!).
If your job requires you to be on call, please inform reception and your teacher and position yourself at the rear of the room.

NO TALKING IN CLASS: Please refrain from talking before, during and after the class whilst in the yoga room. It is a meditation space that we honour. Plenty of time to talk before and after class in the reception areas. Treat the space as an oasis.

SWEATING: This is your body’s way of cooling down, whether you like it or not, so allow it happen. The sweat on your skin is part of the cooling mechanism; any air passing across the sweat (hot or cold) will help to cool you down. Wipe the sweat away and you risk making yourself hotter.

BREATHING: This is very important, breathe deeply and slowly through your nose (unless advised otherwise). Your mind and body will thank you.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have taken the first step towards living your best life through the practice of Bikram Yoga.

Newcomers challenge

During Covid19 restrictions our special is 5 classes ONLY x $5 in 21 days.

Any questions do not hesitate to call on 0431 792 478.