I guess we have to start with who is Tony Sanchez? I first saw Tony in 2008, on the wall of my Bikram home studio in Darlinghurst, Sydney. As I stood in the long shower queue, dripping with sweat, I got to examine the dude doing the perfect yoga postures in the poster on the wall titled “Classical 84 Asana”. What an inspiration because I had struggled hard with the beginners class of 26 postures.

Tony Sanchez trained with Bikram in the US for 3 years in the late 70’s. In 1980 he went to the source of Bikram Yoga and got certified at Ghosh’s College of Physical Education in Kolkuta, India. He has been the principal instructor at yoga schools in San Francisco, in corporations and created award winning programs in secondary schools. He is the founder/director of the US Yoga Association and Yoga Physical Culture Academy. He has produced educational materials – videos, manuals and posters. He has led yoga trainings based in the Ghosh yoga linage since 1985.

Tony walks his talk and is a very authentic teacher. Carl loved all that he learned with Tony at his Core 40 training in Spain a few years ago. After the all the interruptions to our yoga practice over the past two years we decided it was time for a treat. Carl reached out to Tony and created a huge opportunity.

We are hugely excited to announce that Tony Sanchez is coming to The Shire in January 2023 for an Urban Retreat. Over 5 days we will build on the Beginners Core 26 postures and focus on the Intermediate Core 40 postures and also some of the Advanced Core 84 postures. We will also learn Tony’s Core Strengthening series and Qi Gong movements to complement the yoga training. This is suitable for students and teachers who want to deepen their practice with a living yoga legend! Contact the studio for more information or book via this link by paying deposit $330 to secure your place. Total cost is $1100 including GST.