Welcome back yogis! It has been a huge week re -opening our doors again after a 10 week lockdown.  Firstly a massive thanks to all the people who supported us during the lockdown. We did the pivot to online donation Zoom classes, opened a Go Fund Me account  and raised nearly $8,000 which helped us stay afloat. Apart from donations we also received many messages of support and encouragement, which was so appreciated by everyone in Team Bikram In The Shire.

We have officially changed our business name to Bikram In The Shire and we really feel this re-opening is our brand new start to the business. We have a vision to offer the good people of the Shire, access to world class 90 minute hot therapeutic yoga. This yoga works as preventative medicine and curative treatment. Bikram yoga is accessible to people who have injuries, chronic illness and is also amazing for enhancing all sorts of sports performance.

Due to restrictions on class numbers and the need to pre-book classes we have changed the booking system to a new company GloFox. Please search for Bikram In The Shire in your app store and sign up. It is advisable to accept Notifications and Emails as this is how we will be updating you as restrictions ease and we can start adding memberships and passes.

To attend class you must book and pay through the app or website. If you have to cancel class you must do so at least 3 hours before class start time and you will be given a credit to use for another class. If there are less than 6 people booked into a class 3 hours before then we have to cancel the class. If your class is cancelled then you will automatically receive a credit to book into another class. We are charging a cost price of $20 per class so that we can pay rent, teachers and bills.

If you want to do a class then please try to book at least 24 hours ahead of time. This all requires some planning and we appreciate that it will take something to adjust to this new system. It is the best way for us to manage our reopening in the fairest way possible. If you had a pass with some classes or time owing then that will be valid again when restrictions are eased.

Again thanks you for your patience and any questions then please email us.